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Fortnite offers unparalleled customization options that make the core gameplay engaging and addicting, allowing players to create their own unique sense of stytle. One central theme to the Fortnite experience are the skins you wear during gameplay. It goes without saying that some skins are more rarer than others. By far the most coveted of these is Recon Expert.

Epic shocked fans when it covertly rereleased Recon Expert to the Item Shop after a hiatus of over 900 days. 

Epic usually updates the Fortnite Item Shop at night in the US, but for reasons unknown, decided to add Recon Expert as an early morning surprise at around 4 AM CT. Recon Expert costs around 1,200 V-Buck and also comes with a hat variant. 

Here’s what the skin looks like with the hat removed: 

And here’s what it looks like with the hat equipped: 

Why did Epic Bring Back Recon Expert?

Epic Games rereleased Recon Expert very discretely and didn’t even release a tweet or teaser to notify fans that the skin was making a comeback. This is unlike their typical modus operandi where the developers tweet about it or release a video to generate buzz around a release. This probably means that Epic really wanted to surprise fans because it was assumed that Recon Expert will never make it back into rotation.  

Recon Expert first debuted in October 2017, a little after Fortnite released battle royale mode. It was subsequently removed from the item shop on November 11, 2017, right around the time when Fortnite surged in popularity. 

This means that only the earliest adopters of the battle royale game would have this skin, at least before today, making it one of the rarest items in Fortnite. Now, players wouldn’t be surprised to see dozens of Recon Experts rummaging around the map. 

How Long Will Recon Expert be in the Item Shop?

Epic Games didn’t release any official details about Recon Expert and it is unclear how long the item will be available for purchase. It is safe to assume that the item will expire by the next Fortnite shop reset. So if you are a fan of this bare-bones skin, now would be the best time to grab it before the reset. 

Expert Recon sports a relatively simple design when compared to skins like Skull Trooper or Ghoul. It features a white tank top, a few dog tags, a small hat (variant), and gloves. It used to be the ultimate status symbol for OG players, but the rerelease means that players will have to look for alternative ways to look special. 

Here’s a hilarious tweet by a fan who is pretty outraged by the rerelease of Recon Expert. It’s hard to tell if this is satire or trolling –either way, it makes for an interesting observation. 

Now that is just sad. 

Here’s another interesting meme:

The Growing Obsession Over Fortnite Skins

Avid Fortnite players are known for obsessing over rare skins which are often seen as a source of pride. Truth be told, most Fortnite skins don’t have any special abilities or give any competitive advantage during gameplay. They’re used purely for a cosmetic effect. That’s all they really amount to – a kind of status symbol that players can flaunt around in every lobby they enter. 

The rerelease of Recon Expert has triggered a highly divisive debate: Are Fortnite skins good for players? Or are they just another opportunity for Epic Games to milk cash at the expense of their players. 

Let’s dive into this highly explosive topic.

It’s All About the “OG” Status 

Players who have access to older skins get bragging rights of owning an “OG” element. But a cursory look at the skins will reveal that they aren’t all too special. When you mass release them to the public, hoever, they no longer retain their status. Some players will like to disagree with this statement, in which case, they are welcome to buy the skin.

But the truth is, Recon Expert wouldn’t have been this popular if it was released for the first time ever in 2020. Players are buying the skin purely for the “OG” factor, which isn’t always a good thing for the player base. 

This isn’t the first time that Fortnite played around with the tactic of rereleasing old skins. The Skull Trooper and Ghoul skins received similar attention when they were rereleased back into rotation in the Item Shop. They were purely bought for the nostalgia factor that came with them, just like Recon Expert. 

Epic added fire to fuel by giving “OG” players exclusive variants that weren’t available to those who recently bought the skins. 

Players who obsessed over skins found a workaround solution to bypass this limitation – by trading accounts (which is illegal and can result in permanent bans).As long as Epic Games peddles OG skins for players to brag about in lobbies, a ripe market will exist for video game accounts, where interested players will buy accounts that have their desired skins and items that they don’t have in their original account. One such account can be purchased with almost all of the OG skins for a whopping $35,000 on PlayerAuctions.

That being said, Epic does not allow players to buy and sell accounts – a fact that Tfue found the hard way. Tfue bought an account that had OG skins from the earliest days of Fortnite. Epic responded by not only banning the purchased account but also the main account. 

Despite having a clear policy against account trading, Epic is indirectly fueling this economy by keeping certain skins exclusive to players who joined during the early days of Fortnite. This ‘black market’ is plagued with a number of opportunistic scammers who are willing to take advantage of overenthusiastic players, most of whom are very young. 

But now that Recon Expert has lost its ‘OG status’, which other skins will become the most rare on Fortnite? Here is our round up of the rarest skins in Fortnite. 

These are the New “Rare” Skins on Fortnite

Honor Guard

Honor Guard is free but it is only available to players who purchased Honor View 20, an expensive smartphone that was first released in China. Many avid Fortnite skin collectors began importing the phone (oftentimes at massive prices) to get their hands on the Honor Guard skin.  The phone has since been released in the US and its price has somewhat decreased in the past few months.

That being said, it is still a pretty expensive skin to buy. 

Another skin that uses a similar marketing ploy is Glow. It was made exclusive to players who purchased Samsung devices. The promotion is no longer available, even if you buy the phone, making Glow an extremely rare (and hence, highly sought after) skin. 


This super clean looking skin was available as part of Battle Pass Season 4 and could be unlocked at Tier 100. This means that only the most hardcore Fortnite players willing to pour hours upon hours into the game can grab the skin and show it around. One standout feature of the skin is that customized look even cooler, making it one of the most coveted Fortnite skins ever.  

The Reaper

Also known as John Wick, The Reaper was available during Battle Pass Season 3 to players who unlocked Tier 100. The Reaper has a professional, sleek look that is clearly inspired by action hero Keanu Reeves’ highly popular character, John Wick. When you see a player walking around in this skin, you’ll know they’ll put up a tough fight because only the most skilled players can earn the outfit.  


Raven is a highly popular skin that happens to be one of the rarest. It is hardly, if ever, available for purchase in the Item Store. It can be purchased for 2000 V-Bucks, but has been seen five times only, two times in April, and thrice in May, according to a report by Fortnite Skins. It has been a long time since Raven made an appearance, making people speculate if it will ever make a return to the store for purchase. 


Wukong is an especially rare skin that was available as a Lunar New Holiday skin in the early months of 2018 in the Item Shop. It costs 2000 V-Bucks. What really stands out about the skin is its impressive artistic details that are quite intimidating to watch. Wukong was subsequently removed from the item store and has made only three appearances since. So if you want to grab this skin for yourself, you’ll have to wait for another Epic surprise. 


Vendetta is a Tier 100 legendary skin from Season 9 that can be customizable. Its special feature is the Oni Mask trademark. It is particularly challenging to unlock this skin because you have to complete a number of challenges as well as unlock the last reward for Season 9. 


There is a very low statistical chance of seeing Dire in action these days because this outfit was released as part of Season 6 and requires unlocking Tier 100. At first glance, Dire looks like a pretty basic Fortnite skin with no special features save for a brown-haired male wearing a red undershirt and a red sweatband.

But underneath all this simplicity lies a very cool secret. You can actually transform Dire into a werewolf for dramatic impact. Imagine charging at your enemy (or getting charged at) as a werewolf. That would not only surprise everyone but throw them off their game, buying you a few seconds to finish them off. 


Galaxy is a hyper animated skin with galaxy motifs. The only way to unlock this skin was through a Samsung promotion in 2019 with select Galaxy devices. This skin is no longer available to players and can’t be purchased in the Item Store, making it spectacularly rare. It’s a shame that very few players will experience the flowing galactic patterns. Plus the character shares an uncanny resemblance to Zeus from Greek mythology – who would want to pass up the opportunity to look this cool in the heat of battle?

Love Ranger

Love Ranger, as the name implies, was made available for Valentine’s day. It has made extremely few appearances in the past year, most of them occurring during February. Love Ranger briefly appeared on the Item Shop for a few days but was quickly removed. It is unclear when this skin will become available again, our recommendation is to keep visiting the Item Store. It is quite expensive at 2000 V-Bucks.  

The Skull Trooper


This skin was available in the last few months of October and November and could be bought from the item store for 1200 V-Bucks. It has seen very few appearances and to this day, continues to remain one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. Fans keep urging Epic to release it on the Item Shop but to no avail. The Skull Trooper has an intimidating look thanks to its skeletal appearance, making it particularly popular during Halloween. 

Ghoul Trooper

Players could buy Ghoul Trooper for 1,500 V-Bucks from the Item Shop as a special Halloween skin during October and November 2017. The skin makes your character look like a ghoul with a bluish body, and features highly detailed shirts and pants along with open flesh wounds all over. Although the character appears ‘undead’ to other players, it will not grant any immunity during live gameplay.

It is unclear when the outfit will become available for purchase again. If you’re a fan of haunting other players, our advice is to keep a close eye on the Item Store this Halloween. 

Ember (night version)

Ember looks very similar to the Elves from Skyrim. If that was Epic’s goal, then they’ve more than lived up to it. Ember was one of the toughest skins to get a hold of because players need to reach Tier 71 in Season 8. Another way to grab the night version of the skin was participation in Overtime challenges. So far, this is the only way to get this skin. 

Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager was originally available to players who unlocked Tier 70 in Season 3. It evokes futuristic vibes and is, subjectively speaking, the coolest looking skin from the Space Explorers set thanks to those neon stripes and dark colors. Dark Voyager is one of the rarest skins we’ve seen and will easily cause players to just stop and stare in awe. 



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