HIT Kolkata has gained prestige in a short amount of time

The Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata (HIT), is a private engineering institute that is located in Anandapur, Kolkata. The institute is affiliated with the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, Kolkata. Established in 2001, it is considered to be one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal.

The History of HIT

HIT was funded by a group of 22 industrialists in Kolkata that established the Kalyan Bharti Trust (KBT). It was established as a charitable, public foundation that would promote higher education in the State of West Bengal. However, the institute worked for the establishment of higher education in the country at large. 

The Kalyan Bharti Trust was categorized into six separate wings. One of them is the Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata. Others include the Heritage School, the Heritage Academy, the Heritage Business School, the Heritage Law College, and the Heritage College. 

HIT-Kolkata was established in September of 2000, but it formally began its operations in 2001. 

Mission and Vision of HIT

HIT’s vision is to “prepare dynamic and caring citizens to meet the challenges of global society while retaining their traditional values.”

HIT Kolkata’s mission includes:

  • Preparing students for higher education in their disciplines as well as other areas of learning.
  • Developing students’ professional and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Promoting research and developmental activities and interaction.
  • Providing an environment for critical thinking and innovative thinking and to inculcate a desire for life-long learning.
  • To develop leadership qualities in students.

Motto and Logo

The Institute’s motto is “Atmo Deepo Bhavo” (Be Your Own Light). Similarly, the Heritage Institute of Technology logo is an open book above which the flame of a single lamp (Diya) hovers and gives off light. The motto is beneath the book in embossed letters and the name of the institute surrounds the logo. The entire logo is gold, with the embossed letters spelling out each word.


HIT, Kolkata, offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering

In totality, the Heritage Institute of Technology degrees include one undergraduate and 3 graduate degrees. The undergraduate degree offered is B. Tech. The graduate degrees offered include M. Tech, MBA, and MCA. Every course has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, the Government of India, the Department of Higher Education, the Government of West Bengal and AICTE.

All the admissions into the Heritage Institute of Technology are done through two examinations:

  • West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE)
  • All Indian Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Masters of Computer Application

Graduate Courses

  • MBA
  • MCA
  • Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • VLSI
  • Renewable Energy

Extracurricular Activities

HIT, Kolkata, allows its students to participate in a range of programs besides academics

HIT, Kolkata, is home to a lot of extracurricular activities. These activities range from the purely physical to mentally challenging ones. 


HIT, Kolkata, has a common room that is equipped with a lot of indoor games facilities. These include table tennis, carom, and chess. 

As for outdoor games, the area facilities for those are great too. The most popular game in India, cricket, obviously has its own ground. There are facilities to play volleyball, football, basketball, golf, etc., along with a pool for swimming and other water-related sports like water polo. 

The sports department is managed by the sports officer and the swimming instructor. 

Students’ Activities 

Several different students’ activities are administered by the Centre for Student Affairs (CSA). It also allows for the coordination between different clubs and societies. In addition to that, an elected Students’ Council administers sub-committees for co-curricular activities. The committees include cultural, academic, magazine, games, and sports. 

When it comes to students’ festivals, different cultural and technical activities take place at HIT, Kolkata. The first is the Annual Cultural Festival (ECLECIA) and the Annual Technical Fest (DAKSHH). Both of these festivals are organized with a lot of enthusiasm each year. 

Other clubs that are based on academic disciplines that go beyond the curriculum include:

  • Students’ Chapters of Computer Society of India (CSI)
  • Instrumentation, Systems & Automation Society (ISA)
  • Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • iRobotiX-A robotics society that organizes competitions within the field outside and inside the campus
  • Prabhasvana, a Photography, Film, and Drama Club, which is under the aegis of the Students’ Council 
  • SPARSH-Social Awareness and Community Service Club
  • Udaan-Rotaract Club of the Institute, which lies under the parentage of the Rotary Club of Mahanagar.
  • The ED Cell has been funded by the AICTE to allow the development of entrepreneurship activities.

The Institute also publishes a Bi-Annual Newsletter from its Department of Biotechnology, which is titled Biosys. 

Workshops and Seminars 

Various workshops and seminars are held at the university relating to different engineering and science disciplines. These include seminars on robotics and skill development, and several tech-talks given on various related fields. Here is a list of some of the topics they’ve covered in seminars during the last 5 years:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Processes 
  • Mathematical Concepts in Ancient India
  • Sustainability
  • Computational Methods
  • Numerical Methods and their Application in Software
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Civil Engineering Trends
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • High Performance Computing, 
  • Industry Orientation Programming
  • Applications of Mathematics in Socioeconomic Research
  • Recent Trends in Networks and Distributed Computing 

Student Exchange Program

The Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, has signed MoUs with several universities in order to establish a student exchange program. 

  1. The first MoU was signed with the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UML) for “a variety of joint academic education activities”. These include:
    1. A Summer Undergrad Experience.
    2. Dual degree programs that will enroll selected HITK students when their B. Tech degrees have been completed. They will be able to proceed to UML to complete their Master’s Programs. 
    3. Faculty and student exchanges that will provide opportunities for paid internships.
    4. Academic cooperation, as well as research cooperation, in the fields of nanotechnology engineering, which includes joint PhD programs.
  2. The second agreement was signed with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NTIJ), NJ, USA. The objectives were to provide a “meaningful learning and research experience to undergraduate students that will stimulate interest both in seeking a better future, performing research and pursuing graduate studies.”
  3. The third MoU was signed with the College of Natural Science at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. The objectives include:
    1. Exchange of staff, students and faculty to be reciprocated by both universities. 
    2. Join research projects.
    3. Academic Publications and Information to be fostered.
    4. Academic activities to be promoted by both universities.
  4. Negotiations are currently going on between HIT and the University of Sussex, UK. The collaboration will be purely academic in nature. 


HIT also houses a Counselling Cell, which is listed as an “integral part of HITK”. The cell has been intended to help students make the best of their learning environment. This includes giving students counselling relating to their studies, adapting to life away from home, etc. Hence, the Counselling Cell intends to help them solve academic problems, career related problems, as well as social problems. Most of all, the cell helps students handle mental and psychological pressure resulting from overwhelming schoolwork and social anxiety. 

Academic Problems 

  • Time management and study skills problems
  • Difficulty in adjusting to college
  • Stress stemming from exam pressures
  • Attendance Issues
  • Choice of specialization
  • Poor listening / communication ability
  • Difficulty following class lectures

Career Related Problems 

  • Confusion regarding pursuing higher studies or opting for a job
  • Confusion regarding which field to pick

Personal Problems

Students tend to suffer from psychological and social issues while in college. These can include the transition period which takes effect when they move from their hometown to the college. A lot of things can result from this change of atmosphere. Some of these can include problems making friends, loneliness, and depression, anxiety, and stress, etc. Other problems that the counselling cell helps to identify and solve include:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Relationship issues
  • Addictions
  • Adjustment problems
  • Peer pressure
  • Negative thinking

Hostel Facilities and Campus

The institute has separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls

At HIT, Kolkata campus, outstation students are allowed to stay in hostels. These hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls in separate quarters. 

The campus covers nearly 70 acres on the southeastern fringes of Kolkata. The campus also includes three other wings of the Kalyan Bharti Trust. They include the Heritage School, the Heritage College, and the Heritage Academy. 

Computer Center

A computer center has been set up in the campus that students can use for several things, including:

  • Programming 
  • Group Projects
  • Preparation of Seminar Materials

Heritage Institute of Technology Fees

The fee structures at HIT-Kolkata are quite competitive

According to the website, HIT Kolkata offers competitive fee structures compared to other similar institutes. Other institutes listed have average annual fees of ₹89,000-₹3,70,000. HIT-Kolkata fee structure falls in the lower end of that range.

Heritage Institute of Technology Placement

HIT-Kolkata has various corporate and industrial partners

The training and placement cell at HIT-Kolkata organizes value addition programs and placement opportunities. It acts as one of the major intermediaries with corporate and industrial sectors within the country. 

The cell organizes various grooming sessions, mock interviews, orientation programs, summer internships, etc. Hence, it serves to provide hands-on experience to students. According to the placement charts, the students at HIT-Kolkata go on to work in the fields of cement, optics, programming, etc. 

Career Guidance Cell

A career guidance cell at HIT-Kolkata organizes training and development programs for both faculty and students. This involves communicating with corporations and other consulting trainers. There is also a clear development of partnership with companies like Wipro Technologies, Infosys Tech. Limited, as well as TCS. The latter actually takes in the vast majority of graduating students from the institute. 

The institute is also associated with other consulting organizations from HLS India, IBM, Ardent Collaborations, Micro Pro and Prime. These organizations provide trainings to the institute’s brightest and best. The cell also provides training for examinations like GRE, GMAT, CAT, XAT, and GATE. 

HIT Rankings 

The Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, is ranked 150th in India among the Engineering Institutes operating in the country. Its rank has been given by the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2019. The ranking has remained fairly constant since 2018 as the NIRF ranked it among the 101-150 engineering institutes in India. 


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