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Freelancing is not only a great medium to show your skills online but also provide a unique online source of income for everyone. As a beginner in the online earning segment, freelancing is the best method. If you do freelancing and provide your work through online mode, you can make your own rules and you will not have any concern over the office politics. If you don’t have a stable job and are not interested in doing the particular job anymore, you can move towards freelancing where lakhs of the employers are seeking the world from the employees which are available online for the work for them. You must have to look at the blow sites which are deemed best in the freelancing:

  1. Upwork:
upwork logo

Upwork is one of the best freelancing sites which has been created after the merger of other famous freelancing sites such as Elance and oDesk. Hence, Upwork has now been made one of the top freelancing websites which have more than 50 million active users. Besides, Upwork also offers the top talented freelancers of the world who are offering services such as Web Designing, App Development, Graphics, Virtual Assistants, Content Writers, Copywriters, SEO Specialists, and many others. There are thousands of jobs posted in the Upwork, an online working platform for the people.

  1. Freelancer:

Freelancer.com is also one of the top freelancing sites which have lakhs of registered users. You can register yourself in the Freelancer as an employee and can start your online earning in the least possible time. As per the reports, Freelancer had more than 30 million users in the year 2019. However, at the start of your freelancing career in Frealancer.com or other platforms, it’s very difficult to find highly paid jobs but you can greatly increase your profile with time with the quality work provided to the employers as a newbie.

  1. Guru:

Guru is also a known marketplace of the Freelancers who want to start their career on the specific skills. It’s a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US-based company that welcomes freelancers & employers at the same time so that you can get a good job according to your ability. All the freelancers are suggested to build a great portfolio initially so that you can get a good job initially.

  1. Toptal:

As the name suggests Toptal which is an abbreviation of Top Talents is also a great platform for the freelancers who want to start online earning through freelancing mode. As per the experiences of the clientele, Toptal is a marketplace which is geared with the experienced freelancers blended with great talents. You’ll be easily paid from $30 to $100 for 1000 words as a freelancer and for the sustainable jobs, you must have to ensure the quality along with the great professionalism toward your work.

  1. Fiverr:

Fiverr is an Israel based freelancing site where clientele exists along with the talented freelancers. You might choose $5 initially for your gigs to get the online job quickly and a great association with the buyers. Besides, you also have to focus on your profile/ portfolio that will help to leave a great impression in the employer’s mind.

Final Words: You must have to select the best freelancing sites so that you can start positively which will also help in starting your earning from the very first day. All the newbie must read the above top 5 freelancing sites and after picking any one of the freelancing websites, your start will be in a great manner.


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