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Looking for a shared hosting provider that actually delivers all that it promises, then Bisecthosting is the one for you.  Bisecthosting is a hosting service provider that started out as a dedicate Minecraft server and slowly expanded its operations. It now has some additional games on its panel and also offers other hosting services. In this article, we bring to you a detailed Bisecthosting review.

Bisecthosting Services

Initially, Bisecthosting started out as a Minecraft server host in 2011. Though the game remains their speciality, they also offer a small range of other games, including:

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Garry’s Mod
  • ARK – Survival evolved
  • Left 4 – Dead 2
  • Counter Strike – Global Offensive
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Rust
  • Counter Strike – Source
  • Arma 3
  • Team Fortress 2

Though the range of games offered is very limited, for a Minecraft specific provider, it is quite impressive. However, for all these games the slots max out at 32 making it not so suitable for those hoping to build a massive server. However, if you want to enjoy quality hosting experience with a few selected friends, then Bisecthosting is ideal for you.

Bisecthosting Services

The server hosting service is slowly evolving and expanding into more niches. Besides being one of the best Minecraft hosting servers available, it also offers a few other services, including:

  • Minecraft Hosting
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Game Servers
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Voice Servers

Minecraft Hosting + Bedrock Addition

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Bisecthosting is undoubtedly one of the best premium Minecraft hosting servers out there. It offers a variety of packages to the users making it incredibly budget-friendly. 

With the premium package, you can have access to free unlimited slots and build as massive a server as you like. You won’t even have to worry about maintenance as you get free 24//7 support and daily back up.

You also get free dedicated IP, free DDOS protection, Free Modpack installation, solid-state drives, free subdomain, custom JAR support, multiple locations, control panel, and so much more. It is an investment worth making. 

You can even take the Minecraft premium multiplayer experience everywhere you go. The bedrock edition supports IOS, Android, as well as Windows 10, making it the ideal all in one package for those looking for value for money.

Web Hosting

Whether you want to publish your website online or want to start a forum for your game server, Bisecthosting offers quality service that will make your web hosting experience so much easier. Not only do you get access to DDOS protection, cPanel Control Panel, and backups, but you also get a variety of future rich plans that you can choose from.

Dedicated Servers

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Want to take your hosting experience to the next level, then opt for a dedicated server with this dedicated hardware. Bisecthosting offer not only full SSH access but also offers Multicraft setup support for those who want to establish and run a Minecraft server at a one-time cost.

Voice Servers

Bisecthosting aims to enrich the user experience by every means possible. They even offer Mumble voice server that allows users to communicate with each other. It is an easy and reliable mode of communication that keeps users connected, enhancing their gaming experience.

Bisecthosting Performance

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Bisecthosting currently uses the Intel Xeon processors that have clock speeds ranging from 3.5 GHz to 3.7 GHz. They also use the DDR4 Ram and employ blazing fast SSD drives to enhance performance.  

The specifications of the server all indicate excellent performance and many users took to online platforms to attest to the claim as well. They also offer 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring your servers are operating at maximum efficiency at all times.

What truly sets apart the performance of Bisecthosting is that all their servers have instant setups and full ATP access guaranteeing users the full functionality of a high-quality hosting server.  You also get free access to MySQL, support Multicraft or TC Admin, DDoS Protection, free subdomain and unlimited SSD space.

Whether you want a game server or a web hosting server, Bisecthosting offers features that work well with both.  They also offer dedicated servers and VPS for those who want to create an incredibly fast and huge server. 

What makes it even better, is that your server is created automatically the minutes you make your payment. You don’t have to worry about long waiting hours as the efficient setup system will provide you access to your server within minutes. 

The only time you may have to wait is if you make a payment with an e-cheque as the processing may take some time. However, even then the minute Bisecthosting receives the payment and confirms your order; your server is set up. 

If your wait time exceeds 10 minutes, then you can contact the customer service and request an update on the status and the reason for the delay, and the company will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Bisecthosting Pricing

Pricing is particularly important in Bisecthosting review as it is an incredibly budget-friendly service. For most games, Bisecthosting’s prices start from $0.50 per slot, which is quite affordable. Most game servers charge a little higher than that and aren’t half as efficient as Bisecthosting.

The company even offers various packages. The basic 8 slot package starts at$4 and provides immense value for money. If you are lucky, you may even get access to coupons and promotions that offer impressive deals and discounts.

Plus, the ease of payment with Bisecthosting and their refund policy make a very attractive package. You can pay with Visa, American Express, Mastercard, PayPal Credit and PayPal. While there are other servers offering a wider range of payment methods, these cover the major widely used payment methods and provide buyers a decent range of payment options.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The company’s cancellation and refund policy is pretty straightforward. There are absolutely no contractual obligations with Bisecthosting. You are free to come and go as you please, meaning you can cancel any time. 

You are liable to receive a refund if you cancel within three days of purchase. Purchase here refers to monthly payments which can be automatic or manual. If you want to cancel your subscription, then you must apply for a refund within three days of making the payment for the said month.

If you exceed the three day limit, then you are no longer liable to receive a refund. Bisecthosting also does not offer refunds for dedicated servers and VPs owing to their hefty cost of installation and maintenance.

Customer Service

An essential part of the customer experience revolves around customer service. Bisecthosting is a customer-centric company that offers really fast response time. Their average response time is 20 minutes, and their customer centre is open 24/7.

In fact, their customer support service is incredible. Whether you have a query regarding the service, or you want assistance, they respond within 10 to 15 minutes. They are incredibly efficient and professional in their customer dealing, which adds immense value to their company.

Customer Reviews

The majority of Bisecthosting reviews on the internet are positive. In fact, many potential clients are sceptical of the credibility of the service based on how many positive reviews there are. 

Most customers applaud the company for having an extremely efficient system set up in place. One customer posted a review saying,

“I reached out to Bisecthosting about an issue with my server, and I got a response within 5 minutes which is very impressive. Plus they also solved the issue within the next 15 minutes, which is truly commendable. Their customer service and maintenance is better than any I’ve seen so far.”

Another customer also applauded the company for its quick response.

“I signed up for automatic monthly payment and forgot about it. I reached out to the company when I saw the payment deducted from my account, and they were very quick to respond to my request. They easily reimbursed my money and cancelled my subscription without any hassle.”

However, where there are positives, there are a few negatives as well.

“I would not recommend Bisecthosting to anyone who is looking for a server that can handle a lot of people. I was expecting it to handle 160 slots, but it crashed after 30.”


Bisecthosting offers immense value for money, a diverse range of services and packages as well as exceptional server specifications. Provided you pick the right package, you can easily enjoy the best hosting server without running into any mishaps. 

Even if you do, you can avail of their 24/7 helpline, and they will get right on it as they have excellent customer service. Our conclusion here marks the end of our Bisecthosting review, and we hope you found it useful. 



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