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Heritage Institute of Technology

The Heritage Institute of Technology finds its inception in the formation of the Kalyan Bharti Trust in 1990, owing to the philanthropic, egalitarian and academic zeal of 22 prominent industrialists of West Bengal. Imbued with the spirit of excellence in education, development and altruism, the founders of the trust envisioned a prestigious seat of learning that would provide cost-effective education to all stratas of society, particularly West Bengal. 

The culmination of these noble aspirations manifested itself in the establishment of the esteemed Heritage Institute of Technology that would be the beacon of education in the state and country. Endeavoring to be the best in the world, the Heritage Institute of Technology strives to deliver the highest quality technological education to keep up with rapid advancements in the global economy. 

No country can progress without remarkable progress in science and technology and to this end, the institute is affording truly meritorious services as it hones the talented youth of India into world class professionals. 

Ever since the institute came into being, it has made extraordinary efforts to attract top class faculty and provide the most comprehensive academic infrastructure in the state. The institute aims to develop highly professional citizens who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to address the challenges of the global economy while still holding fast to cherished traditional values. 

The modern outlook of the institute harmoniously integrates with local culture and heritage to get the best of both the worlds – hence the name of the institute. 

The Heritage Institute of Technology provides diverse B. Tech qualifications in fields pertaining to technology, such computer science engineering, electronics and communication engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, biotechnology, applied electronics and instrumentation engineering to fulfil the nation’s aspirations of technological progress. 

The institute also offers higher levels of learning in the form of M. Tech programs in the aforementioned disciplines to implement its grand vision of technological progress that will propel India forward at the global front, whilst providing the impetus for economic advancement. 

Besides inculcating a powerful passion for lifelong learning and research, the Heritage Institute of Technology strives to inculcate strong leadership qualities in its graduates who will be at the helm of national progress in due course. 

As a result of these ambitious and all-encompassing measures towards student development and the pursuit of academic excellence, the Heritage Institute of Technology was granted the autonomous status by the West Bengal Institute of Technology while the NAAC accredited the institute for a time frame of 5 years. 

The Heritage Institute of Technology has taken bold steps towards supplementing conventional pedagogy with technology-based solutions for learning that will help to enhance the learning experience as well as outcomes for students. 

The institute expands the academic panoramas for its students via mandatory internships at the top organizations in industry, student exchange programs with the top universities of the world and an astounding wealth of diversity in optional courses and electives. There are also world-class laboratories complete with the most sophisticated, cutting-edge and technology advanced equipment that will aid students’ learning and provide practical knowledge through a hands-on experience. Laboratories also have the most modern software that students can learn to augment their technological skill set. 

The Heritage Institute of technology nurtures its students and fosters character development through societies that promote and conduct art, sports and infotainment events. For professional development, the spirited faculty organizes international conferences, national seminars, workshops and short courses for their students. Faculty members are trained to encourage classroom participation and foster a spirit of critical thinking, debate and reasoning in students. The engineering faculties have a roadmap in place for pursuing research grants and developing emerging technologies for student desirous of excelling in their academic and professional careers. As a consequence, professors, graduates and students from the institute regularly publish high quality scientific research papers in the leading technological publications and journals. 

The Training and Placement Office maintains a working liaison with the leading industrial players for job placements and internships. The Office plans summer internships for its students so that they can gain practical experience in the industrial environment. 

The Heritage Institute of Technology shares an MoU with the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the United States for student exchange. The institute also instills and fosters a strong sense of entrepreneurship by organizing competitions that awards prizes to high achievers. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Ranking

In 2018, the National Institutional Ranking Framework included the Heritage Institute of Technology in its 101-150 band of the best engineering colleges of India. 

In 2019, the National Institutional Ranking Framework ranked the Heritage Institute of Technology at 150th position among the top-ranked engineering institutes of the country. 

The Heritage Institute of Technology is a premier private university located in Anandapur, Kolkata. It is one of the top colleges in West Bengal. The Institute has an affiliation with the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. The Heritage Institute of Technology ranking is among the top 5 engineering institutes in the province of West Bengal. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Fees

List of fees at Heritage Institute of Technology

The Heritage Institute of Technology fee structure is at par with other engineering colleges and institutes in India that are privately owned. The semester fees are mostly in the 40,000s. This is reasonable considering the high fees that many privately owned institutes are now charging in India. 

Students who have gained admission to the institute will have to pay one-time fees by way of admission fees, library fees, student welfare, games and sports fees, caution deposit, University Student’s Development Fee payable to MAKAUT and admission kit. Out of these the caution deposit if refundable at the end of the study. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Logo

Heritage Institute of Technology logo

The Heritage Institute of Technology logo comprises an open book and a brightly burning candle on it. The book is meant to symbolize learning and knowledge while the candle signifies the enlightenment that books can kindle. 

This shows the value that the institute places on knowledge and learning. Knowledge and learning are the way forward to enlightenment and this is epitomized in the beautiful Heritage Institute of Technology logo. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Website

The Heritage Institute of Technology website has the following address:

The creative website design shows the dynamic spirit of one of the best institutes in West Bengal. Navigation is made easy since the information is organized under sections like about us, academics, admission, infrastructure, beyond academics, training and placement and library. These sections are further subdivided in relevant categories. Aspiring students will, hence, have no trouble trying to find the relevant information that they seek. 

You will also find a gallery that you can peruse to get a really good feel for the institute and how it will be like on campus. A video takes you on a virtual tour of the plush campus so that you know beforehand the excellent facilities that await you at the institute. A section is also available that shows recent and past notices that announce important information. 

At the top of the website is a banner showing images of the institute as they automatically scroll towards the left. Some of these images show truly spectacular achievements like the award conferred by none other than the prime minister of India himself, Narendra Modi for the top PhD thesis. This speaks volumes about the educational excellence and the quality of research at one of the very highest seats of learning in West Bengal. The prime minister granted the “Excellence in PhD Research Award” to one graduate student and a professor of the Institute. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Placement

The alumni of the Heritage Institute of Technology are working in some of the most prestigious organizations in India like Cognizant, ICICI Bank, Tech Mahendra, Capgemini, Infosys, Microsoft, WIPRO, HCL, Century Ply, IBM, UST Global, Cryobanks, Odessa Technologies, Accenture Services Ltd, CEAT, Hewlett Packard India, HSBC Securities, Pepsico, Price Waterhouse Coopers and ITC Infotech among other renowned entities. The Heritage Institute of Technology placement is exceptional. 

In most batches, the vast majority of students find jobs immediately after graduating and even during the final year of study. Some of the top companies in India participate in the institutes’ job fair during which many of the students find a job placement towards the end of their study course. Even during the middle of their course, students have plenty of options for internships in the most esteemed organizations of India to bolster their resumes and upgrade their experience. 

The blend of internships with studies allows students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain much needed practical exposure to the industry. This is helpful in molding them into thorough well-groomed professionals by the time they graduate, making them the candidates of choice for top recruiters of India. 

The Institute has a Training and Placement Cell that liaises with industry to provide its students with the finest job placements and internships. It acts as a crucial interface for students through which they can reach out to industry and engage HR professionals with whom the Cell maintains cordial contact to brighten the prospects for its students. 

Besides finding the best possible jobs and internships for aspiring students, the Training and Placement Cell takes a proactive role in developing its students into professionals. To this end, it conducts activities like mock interview sessions, grooming sessions and orientation programs.

The Institute has signed a memorandum of understanding with the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the USA. One noteworthy aspect of this MoU is the student exchange scheme that allows student batches from the Institute to undergo 6 weeks of training at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the US. Overseas travel coupled with hands-on experience gives students much needed exposure for professional and character development. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Result

Results notice at Heritage Institute of Technology

The Heritage Institute of Technology results are duly announced in the form of semester results on its own website following examinations. The institute announces its results quickly to keep its students informed about their academic progress. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Cut Off

Here are the details of the Heritage Institute of Technology cut off requirements. 

CourseCategoryOpening All India RankClosing All India Rank
B Tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringOutside Home State61,40091040
B Tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringHome State50,27567957
B. Tech Biotechnology EngineeringOutside Home State66,867126877
B. Tech Biotechnology EngineeringHome State6686796794
B. Tech Chemical EngineeringOutside Home State4309489849
B. Tech Chemical EngineeringHome State4309479297
B. Tech Civil EngineeringOutside Home State3944897999
B. Tech Civil EngineeringHome State6333363333
B. Tech Computer Science and EngineeringOutside Home State311735538
B. Tech Electrical EngineeringOutside Home State2909570438
B. Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringOutside Home State2871061013
B. Tech Information TechnologyOutside Home State3559349664
B. Tech Mechanical EngineeringOutside Home State48392105473

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Principal

The Heritage Institute of Technology principal is Dr. Pranay Chaudhri who holds a PhD from the Jadavpur University. He has a teaching experience that spans more than 3 decades. His research interests include algorithm graph theory, grid computing, self-stabilization, parallel and distributed computing and algorithmic design and analysis. 

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata Feedback Form

Feedback form at Heritage Institute of Technology

The Heritage Institute of Technology feedback form is available at the following link:

You will have to fill in only basic information concerning yourself like name, email and contact number. You can then type in the feedback that you want to send in the field provided. When you are done, click on the ‘Send’ button and the Heritage Institute of Technology feedback form will be on its way. 



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